Our agency is available to answer any question you may have about Murrells Inlet Insurance or Georgetown Insurance. Below are frequently asked questions and answers.

  • Why is coastal insurance so expensive?

    Rates are based on risk factors that are higher in coastal communities susceptible to weather related losses.

  • Why is a wind and hail deductible typically higher than an all other perils (losses) deductible?

    Most coastal carriers will require that insured participate more in the loss when it is wind or hail related. This participation, in the form of a deductible, is typically expressed as a percentage of the dwelling coverage.

  • Why do you need so much information just for a quote?

    Quotes are more accurate when all risk factors are considered. Personal and property information are vital to rating the risk correctly.

  • Why is my neighbor’s homeowner’s insurance rate lower than mine? Our houses are identical!

    There are many factors that can affect an insurance rate. Some are very personal to the insured – age, occupation, claims history. Some are very specific to the property – age, usage, security features, age of roof. Some are very specific to the policy – limits, deductibles, endorsements, available credits.

  • How can I lower my homeowner’s insurance rate?

    File fewer claims, protect your property, choose higher deductibles, replace an older roof

  • Are state minimum bodily injury limits adequate auto coverage?

    While SC requires minimum bodily injury limits of $25,000 each person/$50,000 each accident/$25,000 property damage (or a combined single limit of $25,000), our agency encourages our clients to consider higher limits. It’s important to protect yourself from financial losses when the unexpected happens.

  • How can I lower my auto insurance rate?

    File fewer claims, choose higher deductibles, take a defensive driver training class

  • Do I need flood insurance when my home is not in a flood zone?

    Every property is either in a low, moderate or high risk flood zone. The National Flood Insurance Program reports that more than 25% of all flood claims are in low risk flood zones. Our agency recommends flood insurance for all zones.

  • What is a personal liability umbrella policy for and do I need it?

    An umbrella policy’s liability limit extends above underlying liability limits on your home, auto, and recreational policies. It protects your assets when you are found liable for a liability claim that exceeds the limit on your underlying policies.

  • My renewal rate has gone up. Should I assume this is my only option with your agency and contact another agency for alternatives?

    We encourage our clients to review their renewal offers and contact us for an annual review of coverage and alternatives. We have many carriers we can shop for comparable coverage.

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