Hurricane Preparedness

Tips for Hurricane Safety

Before a hurricane:

  • Heed weather and evacuation warnings.
  • Assemble a disaster supplies kit. This kit should include essential medicines, first-aid supplies, non-perishable food, manual can opener, battery-powered flashlights and radio, bottled water, blankets and digital camera.
  • Inventory your belongings. Keep a hand-written or digital/videotaped inventory of your valuables in a safe place, along with insurance policies and other important documents.
  • Make a utilities checklist. Be sure everyone in the house knows how to turn off gas, water, and other utilities if necessary.
  • Review your homeowners’ insurance coverage annually to make sure you are fully protected in weather-related disaster.
  • Remove dead branches from trees in or near your yard. Trim schrubs and tree limbs away from the home.
  • Bring pets inside, move cars into garages, and secure windows, awnings, and lawn furniture.
  • Watch for flash floods.

After a hurricane:

  • Make an inventory of all damaged property before cleaning up debris. Pictures are very helpful.
  • Try to make temporary repairs to prevent further damage to their homes or businesses.
  • Save property remnants and repair receipts for their independent insurance agents.
  • Report the damage to your property and file a claim with either our office or the carrier themselves.
  • Report downed utility wires and stay out of damaged buildings and areas.

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